Payment & Delivery

We guarantee the delivery of all orders you place or intend to place in our store in the shortest delay possible.

Muse Chemicals is not only specialized in the production of the highest quality research chemicals products but also provide the safest delivery of large quantities to major countries around the world straight from our warehouses to your p.o box or address.

With Muse Chemicals, you have a reliable and genuine provider of research chemicals in the market.

Muse Chemicals accepts payments through the following payment gateways : Western Union, Moneygram , Bank Transfer and Bitcoin.

However, we do not accept direct payment by PayPal or any credit or debit card directly since the products we are offering are research chemicals and these are controlled substances in almost all countries. The good news is that Western Union will process your credit or debit card on their website, so you can effectively use them to pay for your orders with us.

A- How to make an order?

At checkout, you will have the option of selecting either Western Union, Moneygram, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin. Select one, and proceed to checkout of your order. All of the necessary payment details (Western Union, Moneygram receiver information) will be sent to you in an email right away once we receive your order. This email will also contain your order number.

Once we confirm that payment has been received, our forwarding team in our warehouses will ship your order in between one to two working days according to the current available stock. We will notify you as soon as the order is dispatched, and send you a tracking number for the shipment.

B- Paying with a card through Western Union

Around the order screen, you will have the option of selecting Western Union / Moneygram as your payment type. Do so, and then follow the instructions on screen then complete the payment from their official site :

If you have any difficulty or problems with Western Union or our order process, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

C- Paying in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a consensual, distributed alternate payment network with a completely digital currency. It is completely decentralised and peer-driven, and uses no banks, central expert or middle men. For its users, the Bitcoin system works a lot like cash, but because it is digital, it can be spent online.

To buy from us using Bitcoin, select that option at checkout and proceed with the payment.

You can buy coins from MOONPAY, ZELLE or CASHAPP on your mobile phone, just download the app and proceed.

After sending the bitcoins, email us the exact amount of bitcoins you send along with your order number, and we will confirm payment.

C- Paying with Bank Transfer

If you wish to pay by bank transfer or bank wire just select this option during the checkout process when placing your order with us. Once we receive your order we will email you our bank payment information for you to complete the payment.

D- Shipping and delivery

We at Muse Chemicals we offer 3 types of shipments :

Standard Shipping : 7 – 10 working days for $40

Express Shipping : 2 – 3  working days for $70

Express Overnight : Same day delivery for $90

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